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We apply the appropriate financial theory to help our clients as they face decisions.

Here are a few areas where we regularly assist. Occasionally we will bill for these services ala carte, but we have a strong preference to simply help because it is the right thing to do -- consider this area of our practice a complementary service to our existing clients.

Estate Planning

  • Advice regarding key estate documents: will, power of attorney, and medical directive
  • Beneficiary planning
  • Referral to trusted attorney when scope requires

Home Purchase, Sale, Refinancing

  • Review loan structure, determine optimal down payment and financing strategy
  • Weigh costs vs. benefits of refinance decision.

Debt Structure

  • Financing and refinancing for large purchases
  • Consolidation of existing loans
  • Analysis of secured vs. unsecured borrowing

Business Acquisitions, Mergers, or Sales

  • Review financial documents to formulate business strategy, discuss underlying trends, and assist in valuation of private business.
  • Recommend structure for the purchase, sale, or merger of an existing business.

Risk Management

  • Evaluation of various risks with a focus on mitigation and protection

We have plenty of interesting stories that have come from this segment of our business. From rare or unusual asset transactions to properties spread across the world…our clients keep it interesting and we are glad to help.

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