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Overview: Who We Help & How We Help

Over the course of several decades, our firm has honed its experience and established our ability to deliver high-quality portfolios, at scale, while maintaining top-notch operational efficiency for all the moving parts of this business. Our core strengths in these two areas allow our team to continue to provide personalized client servicing in a way that honors the people that trust their money and their large decisions to us. 

We have the ability to help you and your team leverage our strengths in portfolio management and operational efficiency,  so that you can create/maintain a thriving practice centered around client-facing planning and servicing tasks.

Who We Can Help

  • Individual Advisors
    • If you have already built a thriving practice and you could use some efficiency and scale advantages, then talk to us -- you are right in our sweet spot.
    • If you are looking for increased independence, then we can help you attain it. No sales quotas or product bias exists here. 
  • Teams of Advisors and Financial Services Professionals
    • If you have a brand and strong company name, then keep using it. We'll stay in the background providing the tools you need.
    • If we have a strong culture fit with us, we are open to the possibility of you operating directly within Cobblestone Asset Management.
  • Succession Planning
    • Whether you are rapidly approaching retirement or years away, we can do the right planning now to make it a smooth transition.
    • A natural first step is often to begin using us for operational and portfolio support, which frees up your time. Then, you can glide into 'retirement', whatever that may look like for you.
  • Advisory and Commissionable Business
    • Our tech stack integrates seamlessly with the large industry custodians. This allows for portfolio management and accurate client billing at scale.
    • On the commission side, we conducted a search years ago to find a broker-dealer that could partner with us on our vision. We found the right B/D relationship and we've been thrilled ever since. If you work with us, your advisory business goes to a top-notch custodian on a truly independent RIA platform while your FINRA business goes through a B/D that has great ratings for advisor satisfaction.

Schedule an In-Depth Discussion

If you would like to see if we can help you, please click the button below to schedule a meeting with Rich Krafcik, President and lead financial advisor of Cobblestone Asset Management. Within a 30 minute conversation, both sides should know if it is worth spending more time to move through details and make this a reality.

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Examine our process for creating and managing investment portfolios

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Operational Support

Operational Support

Dive into our tried-and-true client servicing approach

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