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Portfolio Management

We specialize in crafting highly efficient, institutional-quality portfolios based on the renowned Nobel Prize-winning asset allocation approach, Modern Portfolio Theory, pioneered by Harry Markowitz, Merton Miller, and William Sharpe. Our firm then layers tactical and dynamic overlays to take advantage of pockets of opportunity as they appear in the market.

Our portfolios mainly consist of low-cost ETFs that allow us to position optimally along the efficient frontier.  Our trading platform enables us to trade positions at scale. We are able to trade our entire advisory business in blocks, ensuring that each client account, whether $50,000 or $5,000,000, receives best practice execution.

Our portfolios  can accommodate tactical and dynamic overlays. These overlays can act as a shield against specific market and economic risks. Also, we employ them in order to capitalize on unique opportunities.

As an advisor with access to our suite of portfolios, you can use our core portfolios to provide low-cost, attractive exposure at the right risk/return tradeoff for your client. You can then choose to deliver the core portfolio to your client, use our tactical overlays, or add overlays of your own.

We'll step through this process with you. We are flexible to adapt with your preferences and with changing market conditions.

The cores of our portfolios consist of low-cost ETFs. Each component within our core undergoes a rigorous selection process to ensure it represents the most cost-effective and liquid pathway to achieving the desired exposure.

Some useful information for you:

• Our core expense ratios typically range from 7 to 20 basis points.

• We adjust the core portfolio between 4 and 8 times annually.

•We have built suites of portfolios that span the risk spectrum from 0 to 100% equity weightings.

• You retain full control to rebalance your clients' portfolios as you see fit. We update the models and provide a trade notice along with talking points for you. Note that we do have the ability to trade on your behalf if that is your preference.

• Your clients enjoy full visibility into their individual portfolio holdings, as if you had built the portfolio yourself.

Want to delve deeper into our approach? We can share more about our process in a 30-minute video call.

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Operational Support

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