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Financial Planning

A sound financial plan plays a key role in financial success. What does a ‘good’ plan do? It looks at where you are today and where you want to be, and then it figures out the best way to get there.

We begin by looking at your current financial situation:


 How productive is the asset? How risky is it? Do you have the right mix?


When are they due? What is the interest rate? How is the debt structured?

Income Sources

How much income will you have? Where will it come from? How long does it last?

Then, we proceed to see how well you are prepared to address your goals:

  • Retirement? Financial independence?
  • College Funding? Vacation Home? Wedding? Expensive travel plans?

With each of these goals we establish a timeline and determine which assets may be better suited to handle the need or want.

The plan helps guide important life decisions.

  • When can I retire? How much money will I have to support the people I care about?
  • Where will my retirement money come from? 
  • What’s the impact of buying/selling a primary or vacation home?
  • How much can I afford to give children/grandchildren/charity?

It also guides our portfolio allocation.

Initially, we’ll use the plan to steer you towards a prudent investment mix.

During tough market conditions, we are able to revisit the financial plan. It helps us determine if changes to the portfolio or the plan may be necessary.

It also helps us to stay calm and rational during times of market panic. As you approach key dates in your plan, the portfolio should reflect this. A market downturn when you have 30 more years ahead in your career may have a very different impact than the same downturn if it occurred at your retirement date. The portfolio needs to adjust to address your changing needs as you move through life, and coupling a thorough plan with our portfolio process is how we monitor that this happens for you.