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Ronald K. Stack

Ronald K. Stack

Chairman, Financial Advisor

Ron believes in a holistic approach to financial planning. He is a believer in efficient, low-cost portfolios while placing equal emphasis on a proper estate plan and risk management. Ron works through a detailed planning list to ensure that every contingency has been considered.

He understands that the transition from working for your money to ‘letting your money work for you’ is one that must be done with care. He thinks through each detail. He realizes that our clients will experience surprises throughout life, and our job is to be ready to help them enjoy or respond as necessary.

Ron did his undergraduate work at California State University at Sacramento.  His professional affiliation includes membership in the International Association of Financial Planners.    

When Ron is not engaged in professional activities, he is enjoying time with his wife of 30 years, Elyse, and their four grown children plus their four grandchildren.  He is an active member of the local community and has held county and statewide board appointments. Ron is enjoying the community impact he is able to deliver through his involvement with the South Richmond Rotary.